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“Vegan” Treats, my thoughts!

Posted in Uncategorized with tags , on September 21, 2014 by vegun

Hey folks,

I know it has been ages since I have posted but I had something on my mind and I am posting about it.  I am tired after a long day and a rather long past few months so if I ramble I apologize in advance and will hopefully not do that in the future.


Some of you may or may not know about the PA Bakery calling themselves “Vegan Treats” who is mired in controversy over their use of NON-VEGAN ingredients. I am not going to go into the details or really talk much about it. Really I want to say this:

If you screw up and do the wrong thing, your first goal is to do some serious apologizing. DON’T MAKE EXCUSES. I don’t give a two shits about why you did it or why you thought it might be OK to lie to people or whatever the situation might be. Just apologize for your actions and be serious about them and never do it again.


A Pizza place in D.C. (which does have some animal free options) recently sent an email about their local sports team “The Redskins” and how they would give free pizza or discounts if they got a goal (or whatever) about an hour later they sent an apology not making excuses or trying to claim that using the offensive team name was ok, they just claimed to make a mistake and really apologize for it.  That is how you handle things.


If you are calling yourself vegan you better damn sure you have some integrity because we have enough dishonesty to deal with from those who exploit animals. They lie to people every day of the year, they pay billions of dollars to spread their lies and even have us helping spread their lies. Vegans have no need to do that because we have facts and we have an easy moral and ethical high road. Why Vegan Treats (and others) would stoop to the level of those who exploit animals is beyond me.


Veganism is about ending exploitation for all. There is no need to argue there because it is simple: Don’t intentionally exploit anyone for any reason. If you aren’t ready to do that, ask for help or take your time and do some deep thinking till you are ready. Don’t just use a label and then do whatever you want just because you think the label is really cool. It’s not a labels game or a “I’m more vegan than you” game, you either are or aren’t yet vegan and anyone can do it. You learn new things and always move forward at whatever pace is best for your success and you don’t go backwards or encourage others to go backwards or lie about where you are at to impress others. If you are having issues ask for help from the community.


I can almost guarantee you that in this instance if Vegan Treats had put out a message that we need vegan versions of the products that weren’t vegan you would have tons of responses. Fuck if we can have like 6 or 7 different Worsterchireshires and I don’t know how many “faux” leathers on the market plus about a billion other products that don’t contain animals I am sure sprinkles and cereal could be easily found. I have 3 boxes of different vegan cereals in my closet right now two of them are actually veganic and quite delicious, no exploitation of any kind needed to occur.

So in conclusion when you fuck up, just apologize. No excuses, no backtracking, no talking about anyone else or what some other group or persyn might have said just a simple apology and a vow to never go backwards. People make mistakes in life, it happens but to consciously and purposefully do something that is wrong and then act like it was ok, is beyond fucked up.


Live Vegan, Stay Vegan and fuck shit up,



PS: I have given Vegan Treats a lot of business and love over the years, they have certainly gave me many happy times. Why they would betray me and so many other loyal customers over some shitty cereal and sprinkles, is way beyond anyones brain capacity. If I start a business and ever screw up like they do, please boycott the hell out of me and protest my store loudly and angrily. I would deserve it all but I hope to never do that!