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My new favorite thing, food wise. Plus a short rant about Joe Biden:

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A lot of people call it crack anywho this stuff blows that “cock” out of the water. It has better flavor and less ingredients (and nothing artificial) than that Huy Fong stuff. It does have drawbacks, it is not as spicy (a little more sweet but super flavorful) and you do have to refrigerate it (the huy fong cock crap doesn’t need refrigeration because it has artificial “shelf stabilizers”) The last drawback it is way too good and addictive but then again that is not a drawback. Pretty much I have gone through half of a huge bottle in about a weeks time.


What I like to do is mix it with a little soy sauce and then pour it on tofu (good high quality tofu) then eat (no extra cooking) it is delicious perfect on a salad or whatever.


What I recently did is stepped it up a notch (sort of a recipe but not really):

Take a block of firm tofu cut it into thinner blocks and dry with paper towels for a little bit. Then make a batter with flour and the afformentioned Crackinated Chili Sauce and some water (I might have added some more stuff but I don’t think so) dip the tofu in the batter and add too a preheated  pan on medium high heat with a decent amount of oil (more oil at the proper temp. means less oil in the food, trust me) Fry till crispy and a bit browner (the batter is orangy so get it a bit darker without burning) Let it drain then take two slices of bread or a roll sliced in half and smear it with your favorite cheese sauce (made a bit thicker…I think I just had “Nootch” a little soy milk and water with some spices nothing fancy) then add some spinach (I would lightly saute it or cook it in the microwave for like 30 seconds (With a little shark for flavor) just to wilt it a bit) then add the tofu (and anything else you might like I would go with roasted peppers or mushrooms or sauteed onions) and the top slice of smothered bread. Then melt some vegan butter in a pan on medium heat and add sandwich and flip when browned on one side then take out when browned on the other side.

It was a really awesome sandwich and if you need help with amounts feel free to comment  and I will do my best to answer them. Sorry I don’t have a recipe.


Onto the rant

Also Joe Biden= extreme asshole who doesn’t know shit about what he is doing. So I have never been a Biden buddy but his most recent little scam cemented that. He decided too be charitable and so he went to a homeless shelter…sounds ok so far. He served some form of el cheapo Fish Sticks (fish is meat and meat is murder) too homeless people who were pissed off he was there. Why were they pissed off: Because along with Joe Biden was COPS, and if you have ever talked with homeless folks especially in D.C. or are one you would know that cops hate the homeless (for the most part) and the homeless get harassed by cops all the time (there was an incident a few years back when cops shot and killed a homeless mans dog for no reason and nothing ever happened to those cops) plus COPS were involved with the evictions and harassment at Franklin Shelter (the only one left in downtown that is no longer open but the building is vacant and could still be housing homeless folks) He also brought with him his media circus and other goons too glorify his less than charitable act.

From an article I read it sounded like Joe Biden was just an asshole trying to promote a better image of himself amidst a failing presidency that hasn’t met one of it’s promises yet! Biden would have been better off staying in the White House or his mansion at the Naval Observatory or one of his other large homes. He didn’t help the homeless he essentially barged into their temporary home with cops and media too make a lot of these people even more edgy and scared and freaked out too try and cover his ass for things like the war and lack of healthcare and failing economy.

So Joe go FUCK YOURSELF and stay the fuck in your white house and away from the homeless unless you actually want to help them then get them free housing (good housing that is greener and comfortable), get them any help they ask for or need, help them find jobs if they want jobs and keep cops off the streets. Also if you want to help them get the fuck out of their lives.

Rant over.