On Ft. Hood

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So as many may have already read on the internets some guy shot up Ft. Hood killed some people. I have some commentary on the situation:

Major Malik Nadal Hasan (the shooter) was about too be deployed overseas for some stupid war for some stupid presidents, generals and corporations who couldn’t give one shit about the troops. From what it looked like he like many soldiers were extremely troubled by this and wanted out. According to news articles, in the past he had spoken out against the war and he was hoping like many people that Jesus aka Barack Obama was going to pull the troops out of Iraq and Afghanistan.

Now I am not saying his shooting was right because it wasn’t he should have gone after the generals and the war mongers not the regular soldier. But more too the point it was up too the generals and war mongers to end the war and the killings. Instead they go on…


Obama called the shooting and I quote “a horrific outburst of violence” . Now you have too wonder is the war against Iraq and Afghanistan not a horrific outburst of violence and even worse it is for profit or does the fact it is for profit and power make it OK? When the military is slaughtering civilians in the middle east trumpets are heard but when someone is going after the military it is time to attack their actions while you are doing the same thing just magnified and killing way more civilians. Plus when you add on all the other horrific outbursts of violence the U.S. Government commits on a daily basis right here in America it is really fucking sad that this is the big news story and not people being thrown out of their homes or being thrown into prison or like Imam Luqman Ameen Abdullah getting shot by the FBI (and they also brought a dog and as one commentator said “it was like Abu Grahib”) for being Muslim. We could also mention the past like Oscar Grant or Cornelius Maurice Warren or Sean Bell or Ronald Hughes or Deonte Rawlings (too name a few, all of them happen to be people of color) all unarmed all shot by POLICE in the US.  Deonte who was 14 was shot by two off duty cops who thought the kid had stolen a toy minibike. The actual stolen minibike was found 16 miles away with no fingerprints of Deonte on it and no gun was found on Deonte nor any traces of him having a gun like Officers James Haskel and Anthony Clay claimed he had when they shot him in the back. They were some how found not guilty even with the overwhelming evidence showing they killed an innocent kid , just like all the other shootings the cops do.


You would think Mr. Hope and Change would hopefully change something but NO, cops are still murders the wars are still going on the corporations are still getting bailed out and the news is not about how many innocent people that the U.S. government has killed but about one soldier, who was worried and pissed off about the war that Obama said he would end, who finally flipped and killed 12 people and wounded 31 while the U.S. Military has killed between 92,489 and 1,003,000 (using the lowest estimate I saw too the highest) in Iraq and looking back too when the U.S. government dropped Atomic bombs on entire cities (Hiroshima and Nagasaki which had lasting effects) about 200,000 had died. Now again I am not supporting the shooting at Ft. Hood and I want to make that extremely clear but when you compare it too what the government has done and is doing it doesn’t even pale in comparison.

So in essence I am not happy that people died (it sucks big time) but the wars and violence the government commits on a daily basis is millions of times worse and yet nobody really gives a shit. I give a shit and I hope you will too. Now obviously I cannot give you ways in which too stop the war or put a hamper on it because they would not be wholly legal. However you are smart enough (hopefully) to go out and explore your possibilities.

If you are looking for a decent above ground more legal demonstration, the Port Militarization Resistance are the way too go because the right wing hates ’em and some people in the anti war bowel movement also hate them meaning they cannot be all bad when the right wingers and liberal whinos hate your actions



One last point if you see a soldier who wants help befriend them (don’t patronize them or be a jackass) and help them out. You can give them this site and number (877) 447-4487 (GI rights hotline) Or in any case if you see someone who wants or needs help try and help them don’t just ignore them till they go off and kill people. It’s the same shit from Cho Seung Hu at VA Tech everyone ignored him till he shot some people then they all said “oh I never talked to him he had problems” and then condemned his actions when they refused to see why he did what he did and refused to help him out or at least try and befriend him.


Eat yer veggies and smash the state,



Orange you glad I gave you this recipe

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Those guys in the black are the richest people in the world and the people at the bottom throwing the oranges are the pissed off masses (actually an italian orange throwing festival)

Orange Sauce

1 cup Orange Juice (OJ)

1/2 cup of OJ (reduced in until it becomes 1/4 cup or so)

1/4 cup soy sauce

2 1/4 tbsp hoisin sauce

slurry (about 3 tablespoons of water and 1 1/2  tablespoon of cornstarch or you can also use arrowroot)

1/2 tsp five spice

1/2+ tsp red pepper flakes (or if you have those nice little dried chilies found in asian cuisine a lot that would be better “chile de arbol” en español)

3 whole garlic cloves

1 slice of ginger


Orange peel (if you are using fresh squeezed juice or have an extra orange in your pantry)

First start off with reducing the half cup of Orange Juice on medium heat in a small saucepan. Next add all the other ingredients but one tbsp of hoisin and your slurry (you want to mix both of those together) and cook for about 4 minutes and add the hoisin slurry and cook until slightly thicker about another 3 minutes and then you can let it sit on low and meld together for another 3 minutes. Strain and  serve over vegetables or rice or noodles or tofu or a combination of those ingredients or whatever else you might cook up! T

his would be a perfect sauce for some nicely fried chunks of seitan with some stir fried peppers/onions and maybe some cashews. Sort of orange chick’n with cashews.

Fun orange facts:

Orange peel can be used as a slug repellent in yer garden

Orange leaves can be boiled to make tea.

The word orange is derived from sanskrit nāraṅgaḥ “orange tree.

Blood Oranges are not made from blood.

l like apples (orange you glad I didn’t say bananas)

Eat Yer Veggies (and fruit)

Your heritage is hate but my home cookin’ isn’t

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The classic phrase from the Confederates and KKK scum and right wingnuts is Heritage not Hate, yet of course if you know a little about history you will note the civil war was about slavery (though some will try and claim it was just rebellion and shit) and there was nothing anti racist about slavery. It was pure and simple exploitation. Exploitation of all living creatures needs to end.

I in the spirit of John Brown and his raid (which happened october 17th 1859) and in the spirit of ending exploitation and feeding people I bring you my classic:

TVP Sawsage Gravy

1 small onion diced

2 cloves of garlic chopped

2 + 2 tablespoons of vegan butter substitute (or you can use oil if need be)

spices (I generally use red pepper flake, basil, smoked paprika and a little nutmeg)

2 cups of TVP (dry)

1 1/2 cups broth (I would either use a mushroom broth or generally since I have it vegan not beef bullion cube with water)

1 teaspoon of soy sauce (use the real stuff  not sodium benzoate hydrolyzed soy and caramel color)

1 teaspoon of Liquid Smoke

2 tablespoons of AP flour (you can also use whole wheat)

1/4 cup of nutritional yeast

1 cup of  plain vegan milk (I used unsweetened cashew/almond cream mixed with a little water last time I made it but usually just plain soymilk)


Baby Spinach (added in towards the end maybe with 2 minutes left)

Hot Sauce (added in whenever usually at the end)

Secret optional ingredient (diced and added in with the onions)

Take a large pan on medium heat melt 2 tablespoons of the butter add the onions, garlic and spices and saute until nice and soft (about five minutes or so). Then add the TVP and stir for no more than 30 seconds then add the broth, soy sauce and Liquid Smoke, cook for about a minute or so. Add the rest of the butter let it melt briefly and add the flour and nutritional yeast and stir for 30 seconds or so than add your vegan milk cook for another 5 minutes while things tighten up and thicken a bit and then enjoy over some toasty bread or in a bowl with a big ole’ spoon.

This is a nice hearty breakfast useful when you need to be out all day hunting KKK losers or raiding Confederate Arsenals.

Eat yer veggies,


Popeye ain’t got shit on this

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Keep in mind Popeye is now a big chain restaurant that sells brutally murdered animals and factory made slop as delicious “cajun” cooking. However the Cajuns  didn’t use MSG in almost everything (amongst the other garbage popeye’s uses) and they made good food aside from the meat and animal products they used (go vegan or die) plus when Popeye was just a cartoon he was overly chivalrous and supportive of the military. Though he did promote the eating of spinach so he ain’t all bad, however he might have had a can handy this stuff is way bettter and probably better for you


1 tablespoon of extra virgin olive oil

3+ cloves of garlic (I sliced them part of the way through but left them whole)

Red Pepper Flake (make it spicy or not but seriously spicy is better)

1 teaspoon of Basil

a few big handfuls of baby spinach (it is ok if it is piled high it will cook down)

1/3 cup of Soy Milk

2 tablespoons of nutritional yeast

salt and pepper (to taste)

Take a medium pan on medium heat and saute the garlic, red pepper flakes and basil for about 5 minutes (do not let the garlic brown). Then add the rest of your ingredients and cover (with a good tight fitting lid) and saute and shake the pan (on and off you should also stir) for about 5-8 minutes or until the spinach has cooked through and become nice and soft and soaked up some of the milk and “noo-tch”. Serve this as a side dish or over rice or pasta (or other favorite grain)

Eat yer veggies,


Et Facta Est Obscurum “and there was darkness…”

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Some may or may not have heard the horrible news from Morehouse College, a college dating back to the 1800s that has Spike Lee, Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., Saul Williams and Julian Bond (too name a few) too call on as Alma Maters, but they recently decided too enact a dress code. That dress code amongst some sensible shit for a college (no PJ’s and walking barefoot) made it I guess illegal for students to “cross dress” meaning this: “people who are queer in any sort or even those who are not must dress according to the Binary Bullshit Laws” also according to their policy:

“Those breaking the policy will not be allowed to go to class unless they change. Chronic dress-code offenders could be suspended from the college.”

You pay your money to go to a great school (a Black Ivy League school and only one of two to produce a Rhodes Scholar) but if your queer and you don’t dress like a boy you can be kicked from the school. In essence you could be top of the class well liked by classmates and some faculty  and get thrown the fuck out because you don’t dress “right”

“We are talking about five students who are living a gay lifestyle that is leading them to dress a way we do not expect in Morehouse men.” – William Bynum, Vice President of Morehouse College

Hey Bynum I am talking about five students who are being thrown under a bus because you are fucking transphobic and queerphobic and homophobic and you don’t want your college ruined by
“those damn faggots” (not actual quote as far as I know but it sounds like from articles from their college newspaper there is a bit of homophobia at the college). It’s great you are straight and just don’t fucking get it and you stay ignorant and try and play like it was ok because you had a meeting with a gay organization probably and likely full of straight “allies” who might get it a little better than you but still don’t quite get it. Look it is not ok too tell someone that their life (not life style but actual full real life that they don’t change) is not ok, if a male bodied person decides to wear a dress or make up or a skirt or a different hairstyle you should get the fuck off your high horse and applaud that person for being who they are and not being afraid of who they are.

Let’s say a dress is part of their cultural heritage (Scottish and other celtic people have kilts, Certain African cultures have the dashiki, which is similar to a full body dress, the romans wore skirts and don’t forget togas plus everything else I am sure to have missed)

I hope that many kids at Morehouse will “cross dress” and be comfortable in their “cross dressing” and defy transphobic rules that will shove people back into the closet. Morehouse, stand up strong, as many former students have done in the past for other noble causes don’t let your brothers and others be attacked.

With that being said here are some resources to help folks out and inspire folks:

http://www.blackcommentator.com/279/279_i_can_morehouse_man_be_openly_gay.html more on Morehouse’s homophobic past

http://beyrownqueero.com/post/82404846/morehouse-college-trans-homophobia-update more on the incident in question

What is GenderQueer

Queeruption a international queer site.

Transgender Links some could be out of date

Bash Back!

Anarchists Anti Authoritarian Autonomous People of Color (APOC) not a queer focused group but some members are queer and all people of color

FIERCE queer people of color

Duanna Johnson never forget the brutality of the state against transpeople and people of color

We they say get back we should always fight back!

Genderqueer sign by Transguyjay.

Peace (and also after you get done being angry at this and writing letters or black faxing or whatever it is you would do so long as it ain’t racist, EAT YER VEGGIES)


Queer, anarchist, vegan and damn proud of it!

PS:I do not speak latin so I am not sure if Obscurum is correct but if you know for sure let me know and I will correct it. Also please note any racist comments will be taken down because this article is not about race it is about gender and sexual identity. Please do not attack anyone from Morehouse based on race if you want to do that head the fuck over to Scumfront and don’t peddle your shit here. However please feel free to go after Morehouse on their fucked up policies and outright sexism (due too it being an all mens school).

Food Not Bombs, my thoughts

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So I wish to start off saying I love Food Not Bombs, they have fed me and my comrades many a time in many a city. It is awesome too see people coming together for the love of food and feeding people outside of the capitalist system. However it is not without flaws. Some groups know all of this already and probably have already implemented this but some have not and it is always useful too share tips. These have all come through experience and conversations with various people in and out of FNB. It is out of pure love that I write this and it is not directed at anyone or any chapter unless they need some help. Also this can be useful for any large cooking experience and if there is something I forgot please write it as a comment and who knows it might just get added to the list

P: Bland or underseasoned or overseasoned food
S: taste your food as you cook it if it needs more seasoning add it , obviously don’t make it too spicy or anything like that but make it edible. Know your spices as well, here is a easy little spice guide I found.

P: Food arrives late or there is not enough people to cook it the day of

S: Best thing to do is cook or at least prepare some stuff the day before or earlier and if need be you can partially cook it and freeze it or if your really in a jam just cook it and then reheat. Also get a chart of people who can do it and always look for new people, get phone numbers or emails and find out who can make it.

P: Preparation is slow or sloppy

S: Take a cooking class or find someone to do a cooking skillshare or just practice practice practice. Once you learn proper technique you will be able to go a lot faster and safer leading to a better outcome.

P: Food is undercooked or overcooked

S: Regularly test the food for doneness, cook at a lower temp. (I have seen FNB’s where people crank up the heat to high or way more than it should be and sometimes it gets left alone and burns), follow a good recipe from a reliable source, slow down and get a good game plan to start off with. Make sure to also know how long things take too cook this guide can be of some help for dried legumes

P: Cops are harassing you

S: Bring some of your favorite green hatted buddies from NLG as well as camera’s and lawyers and know the law’s in your city if need be get a permit (yeah yeah fuck permits but people need food and the government and corporations don’t want us to share it for free or give it away for free) You might also consider holding it out of someone’s house or a community space and letting houseless folks and other poor folks and whoever else might be interested know when and where.

P: Dining Wear

S: do what Denver does and get some cheap  reusable plastic plates and utensils from the local mega mart (or wherever) and get three buckets one with water one with soap and water and one with bleach and water (or suitable sanitizing alternative) that way you aren’t putting anything into the landfill and you always have plates and they are easily reusable and cheaper than repeatedly buying plastic and paper. Or if you are really awesome set up a pottery class and get folks from the community too make plates and cups and such and reuse those. It could give homeless people an awesome skill and pride that the plates they eat on however many times a week or month they might eat on them where made by them for the community (which of course should include them)

P: Clean up

S: Clean up as you go and try and figure out how many things you really need to make what you are making if you do a one pot meal that will save you some clean time. Also get folks who can too clean up while others serve it is a perfect way to get various schedules worked in too FNB.

P:  Transportation

S: Find out who has transportation and figure out which ones can do it which weeks or days. Also consider getting a cart for a bike and figure out a way to transport via bike. Also try and talk to churches and colleges as they might be willing to help out.

P: Cooking Space

S: If you cannot do it at a house or community space then try asking a church or synagogue or other religious space (sure some of us are not religious but it could be a free space with help) Be friendly and explain what you are doing and in many cases they will be open and even willing to help with food, donations, transportation, volunteers and who knows what else. Always try and have a central space where food is cooked at and preferably have a space to store food their as well. If you cannot find a space then consider foods that do not need any preparation like fresh fruits and veggies and bread.

P: Things are falling apart and people are losing interest.

S: have meetings and get together and figure out your plans, have them regularly and keep people excited with other activities like setting up benefit shows or designing flyers or being a legal observer if need be. Also keep it regular without taking on too much. Don’t be afraid to ask for help either…some places might be willing to donate various items especially food.

A few other suggestions:

Get decent pots and pans and knives. A dull knife is no good for cutting (except your fingers) and a old crusty rusty pot isn’t going to help much either. As I said before ask for donations and also figure out a budget.

Learn about the people you are feeding regularly. Figure out what they like to eat, what they can and cannot eat and build menu’s that keep everyone happy and healthy. Also use it so you generally know about how much too cook

If you can also think about providing soap and toothbrushes and blankets and other needed items for those without a home. I know Dr. Bronner’s has donated soap too groups in the past or your local ritzy hotel might have some in their bathrooms and many of us have extra blankets or have crafty friends who can make some. Also consider handing out cool useful zines, give people something to read and expand their minds with as well.

Think about the space you are serving in. Some might have free power in which case you can bring crock pots and water heaters, no more cold food or hot water sloshing around in the car.

Also if you have the time, money and drive try something awesome like the SAME Cafe in denver. It is a really bad-ass idea that incorporates a lot of what we already do into a possibly more sustainable way for us as you have the cooking and serving space in the same space plus it can garner more attention…obviously it lacks that direct action take it too the streets ideas but it is awesome. Though I would keep it vegan so nobody has too suffer.

A big shout out too all the FOOD NOT BOMBS (check it out for more info) around the world keep up what ya doing (obviously with any needed changes) and as always



PS: if you need recipe help post a comment I would love too help.

Solidarity, Soup and Surprise

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Alexander Berkman speaking at an I.W.W. rally

Alexander Berkman speaking at an I.W.W. rally

Split Pea Solidarity Soup

Mirepoix: Onions Carrots and Celery in a 2:1:1 ratio

Garlic: fresh is best jarred is decent powder will work in a pinch

Seasoning: I like Herbes De Provence (typically, Savory, thyme, rosemary, basil, tarragon, lavender flowers), smoked paprika, saffron, salt and pepper. Of course you can also use curry powder or any number of spices.

Fat: Olive Oil or vegan butter would be the best options

Split Peas: green or yellow

Lentils: a great optional addition in keeping with the French theme I used French Lentils but any lentils would work just keep in mind cooking times.

Broth: you can also use water and bullion or D.I.Y. (info on that later)

Chop your mirepoix in a medium dice (doesn’t have to be perfect) add too a pot on medium heat with your fat and seasoning and garlic. Saute for about 8 minutes or until things are on the verge of tender then add your split peas and lentils (adjusting for time french lentils take about 30 minutes and spilt peas take about 45 so I added the lentils a little bit later about 5 minutes) stir then add broth about 1/2 an inch above the lentils bring to a boil then cover and simmer at about medium low for about 45 minutes stirring every so often and checking for doneness at about 30 minutes just in case. As always check for seasoning no matter what.

I would serve it with some bread and maybe add some nutritional yeast into the soup towards the end. Your best dumpstered baguettes would be perfect here. What would be even better is this our little surprise, my version of Bagna cáuda:

Take decent olive oil in large quantities, smashed garlic, oregano/parsley/basil/pretty much any dried herb, red pepper flake and salt and heat in a cast iron skillet (or in a pan and transfer to a fondue pot or something that can be kept warm somehow) and heat it on a medium heat and add everything making sure you have lots of garlic and even more oil (essentially you are making a big hot bath hence the name for your garlic so don’t skimp on the EVOO (extra virgin olive oil)) and cook for about 5 minutes stirring and smashing garlic and then turn down the heat to a notch above low and cook for a while longer until the garlic is really tender. Then serve it hot with your crusty bread or with veggies or anything you want to dip into hot delicious garlicy oil.

The sky is the limit for this and it works great for serving a lot of people whether that be a picket line, food not bombs or your local Durruti Column both cheaply easily and in large quantities. It is a good soup for solidarity as it can be changed and melded to different tastes and it can feed a whole lot of people an old IWW rally would be an easy feed. Just get some big pots and start chopping. If you know what you are doing and have a game plan you are all set to make large quantities of this soup or even just small quantities for you and your comrades before the next action.

Homemade broth courtesy of Vegan Yum Yum

Eat yer veggies,