Quick Recipe

So obviously my last post was not pretty but here is something that is a bit more pretty or should I say pretty delicious!


BPC  4 life Shake that Smoothie


Bananas (put about 3 in the freezer if you can so they get really cold)

Peanut Butter (about a 3/4 of a cup will do ya I usually use smooth try to use natural stuff)

Chocolate (chips work fine as do smashed chocolate bars I would say at least 1/2 cup)

(see what I am talking about with the BPC)

Soy Milk (you can also use rice or hazelnut or whatever you like milk…I like plain I hate Silk (owned by Dean Foods which is the largest dairy producers in America and possibly the world and they take over smaller farmers as well as exploiting and killing animals))

Agave Nectar (I sometimes add some just if it needs an extra hint of sweetness I like the dark stuff but whatever works for you)

Ice  (just too chill it down)


Take all your ingredients and add too a blender and blend till smooth and not too thick (add more soy milk if it is too thick) It is simple and easy and filling and I tend to fill a blender cup full so I have extra for breakfast or dessert or lunch. It is not an exact recipe it is just a delicious one you can edit too your likings. I hate Elvis so just putting it out there this has no relation to Elvis nor was thought up because of Elvis. According to an old doctor of mine chocolate is a vegetable so this is pretty much a health drink with fruits and vegetables and legumes hahahahahaha. Seriously though don’t eat this too often unless you are trying to gain a few pounds because it probably is a bit fattening but I don’t really care about that because this is a perfect pick me up and filler and will probably help clear up minor funks of depression (or at least give you some happiness)


Eat your veggies




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